BIT-2017-Sem.4 - Admission Cards & Exam Instructions

Dear Candidate,

BIT-Semester 4 Examinations– 18th and 19th November 2017 - Admission Cards


Examination Dates


Course Code

Course Title




Examination Centres *



Programming II

18th Nov 2017 Saturday


·   Colombo : St. Peter’s College,    Colombo 04

·   Kandy : Peradeniya Central College, Peradeniya

·   Galle : College of Technology, Kaluwella, Galle

·   Jaffna – Science Faculty, University of Jaffna, Jaffna



IT Project Management

18th Nov 2017 Saturday




Rapid Software Development

19th Nov 2017 Sunday




Computer Networks

19th Nov 2017 Sunday


Please download your admission for the 4th semester Examinations of the Bachelor of Information Technology External Degree Programme to be held on the above dates.

Please note that the admission is in two parts (pages 1 & 2) and both parts must be brought to the examination center. The second part of the admission must be signed by you and duly attested. The Invigilator/Supervisor will collect Page 1 & 2 of the admission on the first occasion you present yourself at the examination center. Thereafter the Invigilator/Supervisor will obtain your signature at the appropriate place on each occasion you sit for an examination paper. Page 1 must be signed only in the presence of the Invigilator/Supervisor.  You have to hand over both parts of the admission to the Invigilator/Supervisor at the conclusion of the examination.

Please check your information given in the admission carefully and if found any error must be notified immediately to the External Degrees Centre only through email with your registration number/ index number.

You may download the examination procedure which again is in two parts. You are kindly advised to read the contents therein carefully and abide by the instructions.

Mobile phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed to use inside the examination hall.  Calculators are not allowed to use for the examination.

Please make sure that your BIT Identity card is to be validated for the year 2017.  If the BIT ID card is not endorsed for the year 2017, whatever the reason, you will be considered as an unauthorized candidate for the forthcoming semester examinations.

Please take into account that roadblocks & security checks could cause delays in traveling.   Hence you are kindly advised to take necessary precautions to arrive on time for the examinations. Kindly note that the External Degrees Centre of the UCSC will not provide you traveling or any other expenses for appearing for the examinations.

We wish you the very best at the examination.

Yours sincerely,

Coordinator, External Degrees Centre

Click here to download the BIT - Sem. 4 - Admission Card

Link to download the BIT - Examination Procedures


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10th November 2017


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