Dissertation Evaluation Schedule (Category 2)


The dissertation evaluation of the students listed under category 2 will be held on 17th February 2018 at the UCSC. Please note that you MUST bring the previously evaluated dissertation along with the printed and binded copy of the corrected dissertation.


Notice for GPA Calculation


GPA calculation formula for a given year of the BIT Degree program.


GPA  =          ∑ (GPV for the course * Credit value for the course)            

                 Minimum no. of academic credits to be completed for the year        




Final Year Project Withheld List 2017


The results of the BIT final year project 2017 of the following students have been withheld. They are advised to contact BIT Project coordinator immediately (BEFORE 9th FEB 2018) via bitpro@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk.

Results of the students who DO NOT respond to this notice before the deadline are considered as FAILED.